We help businesses become social enterprises and help existing social enterprises, not for profits and conscious businesses, optimise their operations to create bigger impacts. We help them become effective and efficient so all stakeholders have a more balanced life, giving people time to do what they love. 



Earthfully Minded aims to enable businesses to become active change makers; to maximise their impact and profits and become part of the collective revolution where the environment and people are respected and valued.

FOUNDER Sallie francis


As a business, systems & process analyst; change & project manager; solutions architect and business coach with small, medium and large private sector organisations, for almost 20 years, I was, and still am, a very organised and highly efficient person. When I worked for corporations, I used to compartmentalise the different aspects of my life and that started to become a problem. 

In my personal life, I am passionate about sustainability, permaculture, organic food, healthy cooking, yoga, dance, minimalism, mindfulness and meditation. All of these were part of my personal life and I realised I wanted all of these influences to enmesh with my work life.

My personal life and work life had been in conflict and I believe this was the big contributing factor to my struggles with anxiety.  It wasn't until I started combining the personal and professional parts of my life that I felt more at ease. This was my “aha” moment.

I wanted to change my own life and I wanted to help others change theirs.

I am now enjoying the true wealth of living a balanced life, running my own socially responsible business, and spending more time with family and loved ones, doing the things I choose to do.

My business, Earthfully Minded, is about marrying business skills and expertise, with purposeful work, real change and maximum impact.  

Earthfully Minded assists new start-ups and existing businesses develop solid foundations in:

  1. Impact & Logic Modelling

  2. Efficient & Streamlined Processes and Systems

  3. Engaged Team Culture and Employee Wellness Programs

These solid foundations help all the people involved in your business, live a life of true wealth, aligning their actions with their deepest values.

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Earthfully Minded

Sallie is someone that just engenders success, the first one you would select on your team, the one you turn to for honest feedback and the one who always give you improvement suggestions. I really enjoyed working with Sallie and would do so again in a heartbeat. The assignment is in safe hands with with Sallie. I am happy to recommend her versatility and energy to anyone.
— Simon Middap, Business Development Consultant at ERDS and lecturer at UQ

Community & Partnerships


10% of our Revenue goes towards protecting Australia's Rainforests.


We are members of SIMNA, Australia's largest Social Impact Measurement Network.


We are members of Social Change Central, an online hub for social enterprises