Our Footprint

Earthfully Minded helps businesses actualise their social responsibility and operate more effectively, efficiently and sustainably.  At the same time, our business Earthfully Minded is working on our own impact models and goals of becoming an employer of choice and B-Corporation.  Below are some of the things we do as an organisation that work towards our goal of being an eco & socally conscious business.

Our Founder, Sallie Francis and her family have built and live in a tiny house on wheels (a truck). They


My husband and I found that we were only using a fraction of the space in the house we were living in. We were also finding our "things" were starting to feel like unneeded “stuff” that was becoming a weight upon our shoulders.

As we started embracing minimalism and living sustainably, we knew we had to make some radical change. So, together we built a beautiful tiny house on the back of a truck. With careful design and loving care, we created a home that aligns with our values. It is amazing what you can do without, and it is amazing the time created when you streamline your life.

We found a idyllic space, with plenty of room for the kids to run about. And we have the bonus of like minded, community focused neighbours. Now our family of four are living a simpler, greener life without the burden of debt.



At home and in the workplace the team at Earthfully Minded work towards zero waste. That means we make what we can from scratch, we reduce packaging and we recycle, reuse and repurpose.

Circular Economy.png


We work towards working with other businesses and community members to create a circular economy locally.


Rainforest Rescue

10% of our revenue is donated towards rainforest rescue.



10% of our time is donated/dedicated to supporting our local community.